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Our professionals work together to ensure the best possible outcome for families.

Jane K. Euler Family Law

At Jane K. Euler Family Law, we aim to bring peace to families navigating the economic and emotional challenges of divorce. Our method is child-centered and family-focused.

Jane K. Euler, has successfully been representing the needs of her family law clients since 1995. After more than 20 years in partnership, Ms. Euler has recently opened her own family law practice providing collaborative, mediation, consulting, coaching and limited scope representation services to a broad base of clients in the South Bay and Greater Los Angeles Area. Ms. Euler’s reputation in the Family Law community has resulted from providing more than 20 years of experience, affordable representation, and amicable, efficient resolutions to her clients. We believe that every client of ours deserves competent and compassionate representation. Reliability and prompt responsiveness to our clients is of the utmost importance.

Our area of expertise is collaborative law, which is mainly applied in divorce cases and family law. Our attorneys work with mental health professionals and financial experts to offer various levels of expertise to clients. Our goal is to get both parties together and quickly come to a solution without going to court.

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