Collaborative Divorce: The Concept

An emerging trend in the field of alternative dispute resolution, the collaborative law concept is a structured and cooperative out-of-court approach…copy here.

The Collaborative Divorce Process

In the family law setting, the hallmark of the collaborative law process is the participants’ commitment to resolving a divorce and all related support, custody, and property disputes in a constructive and reasoned atmosphere. This commitment is made in a written agreement entered into between the spouses…copy here.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

In addition to providing a cooperative approach to problem solving, the collaborative law process offers a number of benefits to people involved in a family law dispute. Although individual circumstances will vary, collaborative law may provide a quicker and less expensive method of resolving a dispute when compared with traditional family law litigation…copy here.

Reviewing Your Case

If you are considering filing for divorce — or are currently involved in a divorce, support, custody, or property division dispute — and believe that collaborative divorce may offer a positive resolution to your situation, you should contact an attorney with collaborative family law experience to discuss the process and your legal options. An experienced divorce lawyer will be able to advocate on your behalf.

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