Mediation allows separating and divorcing couples to take control of planning their own lives and make good decisions about their future. It is especially beneficial for parents, who though separating, will need to continue making joint decisions about their children well into the future…copy here.

What Does The Mediator Do?

A family law mediator is a neutral party specially trained to help couples resolve the issues in their divorce. The mediator facilitates the communication between the parties by making sure each party is given…copy here.

How Does the Process Work?

Define process copy here.

Benefits of Mediation

Define benefits copy here.

Reviewing Your Case

If you are considering filing for divorce — or are currently involved in a divorce, support, custody, or property division dispute — and believe that mediation divorce may offer a positive resolution to your situation, you should contact an attorney with collaborative family law experience to discuss the process and your legal options. An experienced divorce lawyer will be able to advocate on your behalf.

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